EASPD Workshop on quality of services

Workshop on quality of services 15 – 19 October 2012

Quality is not a place, but a journey

Where: Gleisdorf, Austria

Quality of services is the result of many interdependent, inter-related factors. It is not the simple result of one type of approach or action but rather the result of many interconnected issues.
Quality of services does not only concern the implementation of a simple tool. Quality of services is crucial and essential for all people in need of using the services provided. Consequently, the discussion about quality of services is, in fact, a discussion about quality of life, for real people.
Interest in the debate on the quality of social services is growing among public authorities, service providers, users and other stakeholders. Quality of services has been very high in the European Agenda, in particular since the adoption of the UNCRPD in 2009. The responsibility of service providers for the innovation of services, striving for quality, and contributing to the implementation of the UNCRPD has increased.
For these reasons EASPD decided to organise a workshop on quality of services. The workshop will be held in Austria, Gleisdorf, hosted by Chance B, the first service provider in Austria who followed the goal to support persons with disabilities in their own village in normal life.
The workshop is addressed to service providers, quality managers, trainers, quality assurance professionals, quality inspectors and R&D professionals and it will be structured around 4 main topics:
– System Perspective: local, regional, national and international (Local Participation Planning, Supported decision making, Peer counseling; Case management; person centred services; personalized budget; quality frameworks, standards)
– Individual Perspective: planning and leading independent lives, maximizing Quality of Life (Person centred planning/services/activities and support)
– Outcomes and continuous quality improvement (Quality management, subjective and objective Quality of Life (QOL) measures, peer interviewers, use of evaluation feedback, examples of good practice)
– Methodology and tools to assess “Quality of Social Services” (toolbox for Quality of Services and QOL, Peer interviewers, ex. of good practice)
You can register to the course by sending the Registration form in attachment to Hiebaum.Elfi@chanceb.at by 21 September 2012.
Be careful: the course can be reimbursed by your National Agency, through the Grundtvig grant for „visits and exchanges”, but the deadline for sending the application to national agencies is between 8 and 12 weeks before the beginning of the course.


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