ECHR: Historical judgment – Dordevic vs. Croatia

On 30 August 2012, the European Disability Forum informed about a historical judgement in Strasbourg, 24 July 2012 (please visit

„30 August 2012 /// On 24 July 2012, the European Court of Human Rights has for the first time in its history decided that the State’s failure to protect a person with a disability and his mother against long-term harassment violates their human rights. Since the judgment has a significant legal impact in all countries of the Council of Europe, persons with disabilities should use it to ask their government for protection against violence and harassment based on their disability.

The case Dordevic v. Croatia concerns two Croatian applicants of Serbian origin: the first is a person with a physical and intellectual disability and the second, his mother. For several years, they were severely harassed and even sometimes violently attacked by a group of youngsters. The youngsters would pass by the applicants’ apartment and name-call, spit, yell, cause damage to their apartment, while referring to their Serbian ethnic origin and the first applicant’s disability. In the end, the first applicant also suffered severe physical violence by getting his hands burnt from cigarettes and falling after being pushed.“

Download of the judgement via{„fulltext“:[„dordevic“],“documentcollectionid“:[„COMMITTEE“,“DECISIONS“,“COMMUNICATEDCASES“,“CLIN“,“ADVISORYOPINIONS“,“REPORTS“,“RESOLUTIONS“],“itemid“:[„001-112322“]}


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